The latest news, events and updates

The latest news, events and updates

Sophie Stellaard

Sophie Stellaard added an article 07 11 2019


Let's introduce ourselves

GOING THE EXTRA MILE… You always have an expectation when you’re looking for something. Whether it is a beautiful film adaptation of your (advertising) campaign, (television) production, cinema film or company promotion, the most important thing is the image capturing the right emotion. An emotion that stimulates, inspires and translates what it’s all about in one fell swoop! Dutch Aerials specialises in drone services. With our years of experience, we know the intricacies. We often have only one chance to get it right: “It’s a wrap”, after one take is a common phrase when we are on set. Within the world of inspection and investigation, we also understand that safety is paramount. As a specialist, we have a wide range of drones at our disposal. For every project we have the best equipment available for your needs. We have heavy lift cinema drones suitable for high-end cameras such as RED, Arri and Sony, but also unique inspection drone’s such as the collision-free Flyability “bal-drone”. When it comes to precision mapping, we have 100Mpix cameras so that you can calibrate every millimetre. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, no matter what drone service you request from us. We always strive to add a little bit extra so that we deliver more than you expected, because, let’s face it, in the end there is no better advertising than word of mouth. It has brought us to where we are today. #morethanjustanimage #perfectionisourpassion #fromeverykindofangle Sophie Stellaard – CEO


Let's Gro 2019: the Groningen game industry

Let’s Gro, the annual festival about the future of the city and region, collects ideas, innovations and initiatives in Groningen and gives them an opportunity to shine and to grow . On Thursday, the Game Bakery hosted an exposition to showcase the different types of games made in Groningen, along with a panel discussion about the future of the industry.

Valentijn Bolhuis

Valentijn Bolhuis added a company 03 08 2019


TKP Pensioen

Pensioen is te belangrijk om ingewikkeld te zijn. Daarom maken wij pensioen helder. Voor deelnemers die pensioen opbouwen of ontvangen. En voor hun pensioenfondsen en werkgevers. Pensioen made easy.

Tom Junge

Tom Junge added an article 20 03 2019


Hanze Talks "Innovation"

Hanze Worldwide is organizing a public speaking event on the 10th of May from 14.30 to 17.30 o’clock. The event is called “HanzeTalks-Innovation” and shares visions all around the topic of innovation with the goal to raise funds for the Hanze Worldwide Foundation. Raised money of the event goes to the “Royal Goldland Scholarship Programme”, which aims to fund young people in Tanzania between the age of 16 and 20, who cannot afford to pay for their tuition fees for programmes in, e.g. entrepreneurship and IT. We are looking for YOU! Are you passionate about what you are doing and believe it is innovative in any way? Then we would love to hear your story and have you speak at our event in front of 100 students and faculty members to spread you visions and knowledge. If you are interested in participating as a speaker and therefore help us raise money for our charity then please contact us via email or via LinkedIn: Leandra Nast or Tom Junge, and we will provide you with further information. Let's Share our talent and move the world.