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The latest news, events and updates


Government support for scaling up hydrogen production

Good news for Groningen! The government announced this week it will invest millions to scale up the production of green gas and hydrogen. Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Eric Wiebes informed the government of measures and subsidies to support large scale, affordable and sustainable production.

Sophie Stellaard

Sophie Stellaard added a company 07 11 2019


Blik van Boven BV

Our goal is to exceed your expectations, no matter what drone service you request from us. We always strive to add a little bit extra so that we deliver more than you expected, because, let’s face it, in the end there is no better advertising than word of

Rob Bonting

Rob Bonting added an article 07 11 2019


Nijestee searching 'New Energy'

As the largest social housing company in the city of Groningen realizing a sustainable real estate portfolio is not just our responsibility but also our mission. A mission we gladly accept! We want to offer our tenants the choice to live how and where they want, regardless of their background, age or lifestyle. Now, but also in 2050, when they will probably have very different demands on housing. Nijestee was founded to provide sufficient, good and affordable housing for residents of the city of Groningen. Energy costs are an increasing part of the total housing costs. We are now reducing these costs through the installation of solar panels, the application of insulation material and the installation of double glazing. With our current approach, available techniques and partners, we are reaching the limits of what we can achieve. The world is changing rapidly and we see many new developments and techniques, but how do we use them to further reduce energy costs in the future? Think of the development of new techniques, how residents deal with them and the application of smart financial constructions. To help us realize this, we are looking for innovative partners who are able to think outside of the box and sometimes create radically different solutions. We offer the prospect of a long-term cooperation, new markets and the space and environment where these new concepts can be deployed. Are you the connecting factor and do you have a creative mindset to realize new ideas and new solutions in cooperation with innovative and established parties? Then we would like to get in touch with you! Visit and leave your details. Then we'll talk to you soon!

Jeroen Mulder

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Pollinator Group B.V.

Everyday we work to make the world a better place. Our aim is not to make the most profit possible, but make the highest impact. We do this through education and building solutions in the healthcare and energy industry.

Oliver Benkel

Oliver Benkel added an article 27 08 2018


Application Phase Batch #2 GO! Start-up Zentrum Oldenburg

Application phase open! From now on you can apply again for our startup support program. You have an exciting business idea in the field of energy, health or climate and need support to hit the ground running? Then apply now at and save your chance on a slot for the second round of our support program starting November, 1st in lovely Oldenburg, Germany. If you have any questions please contact us! Your team from GO! Start-up Zentrum Oldenburg